A clever man always finds his way out. Yes, a man with a good IQ faces fewer problems and of faces any of them, then solves it with grace. Research has proved that a person, who has a greater IQ, lives a life without any mental illness. This is such an inspiring story that will compel you to raise your intelligence.

Ramesh is a normal man who lives with his family in Pokhariput, Bhubaneswar. He has two sons who are reading in a nearby school. One day he was going Baramunda with his wife on his bike for some reason. After going for some distance, a man with a bike was about to cross them. Just then the man sitting behind snatched the Ramesh’s wife’s necklace. After snatching they were about to cross Ramesh and leave. Shocked by their activity, Ramesh’s wife started screaming that she was being looted. After listening to this, Ramesh did not panic. He started making his wife understand that there is nothing to worry since it was a fake jewelry. He said to his wife that he gifted her one day because she was upset that day. The Looters started turning their bike. While Ramesh was explaining things to his wife, the looters came threw the necklace on Ramesh’s face and ran away with their bike. His wife asked-” What would I do with this fake necklace?”  Ramesh replied-” Why would I give you a fake one first?” Problems are not too big for you if you are clever enough for them.

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