Winter is here and it is constantly chilling. You may not find persons on the streets without sweaters and jackets. People are trying their best to save themselves from the cold. But there is a certain age of people for whom it is becoming more than difficult to tolerate. This case is about one of them.

Aman is a seven-year child lives with his parents in Khandagiri. There he goes to a nearby convent school and was a normal child. According to his parents, he was a child with less immunity and always suffered from various acute diseases. Some days back when it was 15 degree Celsius and was chilling like hell, his mother dropped him at school. Unfortunately, he did not bring a sweater and so was feeling cold. After some time he was collapsed and went senseless. After taking him to the nearest hospital it was known that he could not tolerate the winter and fell to the ground. Now he is okay and is taking medicine to stay warm. You take care of yourself and of young ones of your home.

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