Chewing tobacco is injurious to health. It is straight written on wrappers, displayed in ads and written under banners. We see it and forget as if it does not exist. There is still a considerable amount of people who consume gutka and other tobacco products and suffer from different types of cancer. But what they don’t understand is that eating tobacco does not only hamper them but also their family.

Akhilesh is a married middle-aged man with three daughters, lives in Sunderpada, Bhubaneswar. He was addicted to Gutka and could not leave it. His family, friends and his daughters complained but that did not bring any change. One day he started vomiting blood and could not open his mouth. When admitted to the hospital, the doctor declared that it was Cancer. His family asked if the operation would help which the doctor denied. Akhilesh died with pain. The next days were difficult for his family. They did not have anything to eat and since all of the wealth of the poor family was already spent on his treatment. ¬†After some days of the matter, Akhilesh’s wife Niruja committed suicide by hanging herself to the fan. According to her suicide note, she could not see the pain and hunger in her daughters’ eye anymore. The parentless children are left to the orphanage and are taken good care. A 1 rupee Gutka spoiled the whole family apart. You are free to write your comments.

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