Bhubaneswar was recently declared as the smartest city in India. The police work day and night hard to minimize the rate of crime in Bhubaneswar. But there are some mishappenings which may be can never be stopped. This is a case of Baramunda.

Richa is a working woman. Her shift at office ends at 10 pm and she manages to come back home with one of the staffs. That day was not good for Richa. She was attending a wedding that night and was returning her home late and was alone. Some goons took advantage of the situation and started following her. She started noticing the followers when she was near her home. She was traveling by scooter and was covered with bikes. Some men came closer and started snatching her gold chain. She started screaming and asking for help. No one stopped and no one listened to her. They successfully stole her watch, purse, scooter and all of her jewelry. She later took a lift from a city bus and went back home. She is scared and that’s why she has not complained it to the police. The police said that women should be more careful. Let us know what you think.

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  1. Pushpanjali says:

    Richa must file a complaint to police near the place incident happened. Most of her belongings are stolen. So, she must take help of police. Our Bhubaneswar police are very active. We have to keep the dignity of our city. All the best.

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