Men love their hair. Actually, everyone does. We do different styles with our hair to make it look more cool and attractive. But there are certain unfortunate people who are not allowed to make any experiments with their hair. And there are people who only follow one hairstyle i.e. getting bald. This is the story of Satya who lives in Sisupalagarh, Bhubaneswar.

Satya is 28 years old and lives happily with his parents in Sisupalgarh. Unlike every other man, Satya visits parlor daily. Yes, it is as shocking as it gets. The man not only visits the barber but also makes sure that there is no hair on his head. He asks his barber to make him bald by cutting all of his hair. It might sound funny initially but it gets shocking when you know the reason behind his actions. Satya was asked and he said that he does this because his hair growth is very fast. Yes, his hair grows drastically on the same day he cuts his hair. Do not get shocked yet. He adds that if he misses the cut one day then the next day it becomes nearly impossible to cut the hair since it becomes tight and thick. This has shaken the entire area and now people are taking interest in knowing more about him. What about you? Let us know in the comment box.

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