Bathing is a process of cleaning body. It is necessary to bathe every day since it removes dirt from our body, gives us the freshness we desire, and most importantly keeps us away from diseases. We have heard this dialogue a lot from our mothers. But there are some days when we prefer not to bathe and give excuses. But some excuses are not temporary. This is a case of Kharabela Nagar.

Sumit, a middle-aged unmarried man is a well-known person in his place. He is popular because he is believed to not bathe for last 27 years. He is not after records and other stuff. When he is asked he said that he did not find any necessity of bathing. His skin is filled with dirt and he stinks like anything. But, he still doesn’t do anything about it. When his parents were asked then they said that they are fed up asking him to take a bath.

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