Prathamastami is considered as one of the most celebrated festivals of Odisha. The eldest child of the home is given new apparels to wear and worshipped to Sashti Devi. The main attraction of the festival is an Indian dish called Enduri Pitha. It is made of rice flour and coconut. It is generally covered with turmeric leaves and considered to have laxative properties.

Nowadays nothing is pure and authentic. This is a case of Sahid Nagar. A 12-year child named Sagarika was celebrating Prathamastami with her parents by eating Enduri Pitha. It was a great day for her since she was wearing a new dress. But she suddenly collapsed on floor and foam started coming out of her mouth. Panicked by the event her parents took her to the hospital and then Doctor revealed something unexpected. He said that the Pitha she was eating has poison in it and asked no one to eat it. Fortunately, no one except Sagarika ate it. The doctor also stated that it was the turmeric leaves that had the venom of some unknown pesticides and was harmful even after cleaning it again and again. This incident has raised many questions regarding our safety regarding consuming foods.

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