Everyone loves good action movies and mostly all actions in it. Before such movies begin there comes a warning which states that such sequences are performed by the experts. The warning also requests the audience not to copy those acts. But some people just don’t listen. This is such a case that occurred in Patia, Bhubaneswar.

If you are on YouTube then you know that “Tiger Zinda Hai” trailer has been released on 7th of November and has already creating records by crossing more than 20 million views till now. It is good to see the superstar Salman Khan aka Tiger to be back with a bang after a dull box office performance of his last movie “Tube light”. You will see him kicking some ass and doing die-hard action sequences. It is not surprising to know that his fans are going bananas and loving his “Rambo” avatar. But obsession should have its limits before it causes harm to someone.

A 23-year-old boy named Suryansh lives with his parents in Patia. Suryansh is a huge devotee of Salman Khan from childhood. Today morning when he was out with his friends for a morning walk, he tried to explain the trailer to his friends. In this process, he tried to make a side flip done by the star in the movie trailer but unfortunately did not land well. After he crashed down he experienced a sharp pain in his left leg and was not able to stand. When he was admitted to the hospital, the doctor declared a fracture on the leg and asked him to rest.

This created havoc in his family and everyone started scolding him for the act. Where some people are blaming movies and their action sequences, there are also people who are blaming him for his over-enthusiasm. What’s your take on this? Please let us know in the comment section.

Watch the trailer of “Tiger Zinda Hai” here


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