There are frauds, then there are double-dealers and then lastly come the con masters. They are sharp, confident and mostly friendly to look. Their attitude will convince you initially, but then when they succeed and you realize that you have nothing to go against them except fake papers of evidence, you will go bananas. This is a real story of a con artist who is still not caught. So, beware! Because he might be sitting next to you reading this article.

No one knows him or his origin. He was first seen in 2015 in Odisha. His last trick was on a Hyderabad couple who came to visit Bhubaneswar. He discovered that they were wealthy and then convinced them to buy a place nearby Deras Dam. The couple was first confused but he convinced them saying that he will take care if there comes any problem with various legal papers and gained their trust after showing a picture with a famous politician. After taking the advance money which was about 50 lakh rupees, he did not respond. They then discovered that the place never belonged to him and complained in Police station. They also showed his picture with the politician. The Police discovered that he was the same man who conned the politician before one year convincing them to invest his black money on his business. The police, therefore, did not disclose it to media and not even to the couple. The investigation is still in progress. It is confirmed that he is not in Bhubaneswar but somewhere in Odisha looking for his next prey. Sounds Filmy and shocking!! Does not it? Sadly, it is not.

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