A cockroach can cause no chronic harm to a person rather than terrify him/her. But have you heard of a cockroach killing people? Yes, it is as true and shocking at the same time. This is a case of Khandagiri. It was a normal afternoon. Rita (the victim) a teenage girl was watching a movie in her room. Her mother was downstairs cleaning the kitchen. She was fine that day and was having fun with the movie. According to her mother, it was a comedy movie. It was all calm and quiet unless she screamed. Her mother panicked and ran towards her room. After opening the door she finds her daughter lying on the floor. She was shocked and picked her daughter. She wasn’t moving. After realizing that she was senseless her mother took her to the hospital. It has been seven hours and still, she is not moving. Although doctors did not declare her dead she is still not showing any signs of being alive. After the Police checked her room, he revealed that there was nothing but only cockroaches. They were present nearby her bed even under her pillow. This shocked both doctor and the Police. The mother disclosed that there were also cockroaches when she picked her up but she neglected. The investigation is being continued and so is her treatment. A rumor is being spread that she was killed by the cockroaches.

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